Legislative Agenda

As a candidate for the United Utah Party, Hal and other United Utah Party candidates are committed to practical solutions to the challenges facing our communities, our state, and our nation.  

If elected to serve in the Utah State Legislature, we pledge to do the following:

  • Give Utah schoolchildren the tools they need to compete in a global economy and achieve educational outcomes in the top tier of the nation’s public education.  To do so, we will propose the creation of an independent, citizen-based education commission to propose methods for significant increases in funding public education.


  • Pass measures to clean Utah's air that affect the health of the young, the elderly, and those with respiratory diseases.  These include increased resources for detecting and suppressing wildfires as well as clearing forests of combustible deadwood, accelerate Utah's compliance with EPA standards for auto emissions, and provide greater incentives for carpooling and increased funding for public transportation such as rail systems that will reduce emissions.


  • Conduct a study of housing affordability to determine solutions at the state and local levels to the decreasing affordability of housing in Utah that is pricing out of the market new home buyers or forcing young families to spend an excessive percentage of their household income for housing.


  • Lower health care costs by increasing competition among medical providers and therefore expanding consumers' choices, requiring health professionals to publicize the costs of medical procedures to assist consumers in finding lower cost and high value services, simplifying the billing process that eats into a significant percentage of the health care bill, and moving towards a system where medical providers are paid based on positive health outcomes rather than on performing a specific procedure or office visit.


  • Back a constitutional amendment to limit terms of state elected officials to two terms for statewide officials, two terms for state senators, and four terms for state house members.


  • Create an independent redistricting commission to draw district lines after the 2020 census without regard to partisanship or other political factors and make a public recommendation to the legislature that the legislature would need to approve or disapprove without change. 


  • Demand open primary elections that allow any registered voter to vote in any party's primary election.


  • Place cap on campaign donations to state candidates of $5000 for corporations and $2500 for individuals to limit the power of interest groups over state legislators.


  • Conduct open legislative caucuses that require any meeting of more than two legislators for legislative business to be open to the public.

These priorities reflect a broad consensus that it is not tied to any single political ideology. We believe that pragmatism should be more important than party, and we are confident that the voters of Utah are tired of partisan games and are eager for their representatives to take action and improve the lives of everyone in the state.

For more information visit unitedutah.org or read the United Utah Party's official legislative agenda, which Hal has officially signed and supported.