"I have known Hal Miller in a variety of settings for many years. I know him to be a man of unquestioned integrity and sense of fairness. He is a listener. He understands complex issues. He is a sensitive, wise, courageous, and a highly effective communicator. He will represent us exceedingly well in the State legislature. I endorse his candidacy with enthusiasm."

--Steven C. Baugh. Former superintendent, Alpine School District 


“I have known Hal Miller for many years. He has one of the most creative minds I have ever encountered which he combines with a deeply felt desire to serve the public good. If imaginative solutions to our largest problems are to be devised, Hal will do it.”

--Richard Bushman, author of Joseph Smith: Rough Stone Rolling.



"I sincerely hope that the folks in District 64 see the value in electing a representative who holds to the sensible, collaborative center! Utah politics is far too entangled in the fringes!"

--Jessica Draper, Instructional designer and author


"The harder the problem is to solve the more you want Hal Miller working on it. The more difficult and intransigent the individuals in a conflict, the more you want Hal Miller seeking a compromise that preserves the maximum amount of good work, good will, and goodness. Hal’s creativity, depth of knowledge, appreciation for achievement, and empathy for those with a limited voice are matched by few individuals at any level of politics."

--Thomas Draper, Professor


"Hal Miller is an outstanding choice for House District 64. He is a man of integrity and uncommon wisdom with practical and effective leadership skills that are desperately needed in government."

--George Handley. Author and Provo City Council Member


"I have known Hal for many years. He is among the most thoughtful, far-sighted, effective and kindly public servants I have ever worked with. If elected to the legislature he will be an enormous influence for good."

--Don Jarvis. Community volunteer and retired BYU professor   




"I whole-heartedly support Hal Miller of the United Utah Party as the Utah State House representative for District 64. As a member of the Provo City Council from 2012 - 2016, Hal proved his commitment to sensible solutions and constructive collaboration.

Hal's role in developing Provo's Clean Air Toolkit shows that he understands the importance of bringing together individuals, businesses, and communities to find common ground for the benefit of all of Utah's citizens.

As a successful researcher and educator for over 40 years, Hal knows the value of gathering information and considering a problem from all angles. A longtime resident of Provo, Hal has personal experience with both the challenges and opportunities of raising a family, living, and working in Utah County.

I believe Hal can bring a fresh perspective and break the stalemate of divisive partisan politics that plagues our current climate. My personal experiences with Dr. Hal Miller over the last 18 years, both as a former student and Provo resident, convince me that he is the best candidate to move past political differences and unify Utah with dedicated service toward shared goals."

--Erin J. Ott


"The state of our national conversation is so disheartening that it is easy to turn away from politics altogether. But a strong democracy needs everyone's participation. Utahns know how to talk to each other without rancor, how to compromise around shared values, and Hal Miller is the person to bring this ethos to the 46 District. I have known Hal for almost 50 years (he was the best Sunday School teacher I ever had!) and his compassion, curiosity, and fine mind is something we need very badly in the State House of Representatives.  He is not a career politician. He will listen.  He will serve."

--Erika Peterson Munson. Educator, Mother, Grandmother. 



"After many years of working with Hal Miller, I can attest to his integrity, intelligence, and initiative. This is exactly the kind of person we need representing us in the Utah State Legislature."

--Lynn Sorenson



“I am thrilled Hal Miller has chosen to serve the public in running for office. He is a deeply wise and capable leader and communicator. I have known him for many years and he has blessed my life and the life of my family and the lives of many many families in our community. I hope we as a community are smart enough to take the opportunity to vote him into office.

We will be benefited through his service and wisdom.”

--Bryn StClair


"If we don't listen to each other, we will never be able to make decisions for the benefit of everyone, including those who are seldom heard.

But in this era of unyielding party conflict, Hal Miller has demonstrated a rare ability to bring us together to work out broadly acceptable solutions. 

We need his commitment and leadership right here, right now."

--Terry and Susan Warner



"Hal Miller is a proven leader with extraordinary skills. He is also extremely intelligent and has the highest ethical and moral standards. Hal listens to all sides of an issue regardless of political affiliations involved. We can be absolutely certain that all the decisions he makes will be based on what is best for you, me and the state of Utah. We will never find a better candidate to serve us."

--Mossi White. Former president of the National School Boards Association, Former president of Utah School Boards Association, Former president of Provo Board of Education 



"It was my privilege to work with Hal Miller on the Provo City Municipal Council for 4 years. It was an amazing experience for me to learn from him. I was always confident that when Hal spoke, he would speak with insight and compassion. It was remarkable to me the respect Mr. Miller had from everyone on the City Council as well as the Provo City administrators. No matter his view on an issue, we knew that his opinion was invaluable. I knew that whenever I had a question about an issue, I could turn to Hal for input and vision. His wisdom and ability to express his insight was always helpful in understanding and achieving some very important objectives for our Council and Provo City. I strongly support Hal Miller for the Utah House of Representatives and look forward to his influence on a State level as I experienced his impact on Provo City."

--Gary Winterton. Current Member of the Provo City Municipal Council

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